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Safe Service

Lance's Locksmith Company provides Safe Combination Lock servicing, including combination changing, periodic lock servicing, and safe lock opening. We sell, service, and install both electronic and mechanical safe locks.

Combination Changes are performed when there is a change in ownership or management. When a manager is transferred to another store or has left the company it is time to change your safe combination. When a business or home is sold, it is time to change your safe combination. This is the most affordable and safest way to protect your company or personal assets that are kept in your safe.

Safe TIPS:

  • Dial the combination smoothly and gently.
  • DON'T use your birthday, anniversary, telephone number, etc., use a random combination.
  • Keep a desiccant pack inside the safe to combat moisture, which can harm the safe's contents.
  • Use the correct safe for what you are storing.
  • Burglary resistant for cash, weapons, jewelry.
  • Fire resistant for documents, stocks, insurance papers, etc.
  • Data rated safes for computer disks, data and video tapes, CD's, etc.

Combination Lock Servicing is performed periodically to ensure smooth and proper safe lock operation. This should be done on an annual basis. The lock is disassembled, checked, cleaned, and re-lubricated with the proper lubricant to provide trouble-free service. If your safe lock is difficult to open, the dial is hard to turn, or you have difficulty operating the combination, IT'S TIME TO HAVE THE COMBINATION LOCK SERVICED.